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Computer System Engineer/Architect (Senior) (TS/SCI)
Charlottesville, VA (On-Site)


  • Over 10 years of experience required.

  • AWS Cloud Platform
    In-depth knowledge of AWS services, including: 

    • Compute Services (EC2, Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk) 

    • Storage Services (S3, EBS, Elastic File System)

    • Database Services (RDS, DynamoDB, DocumentDB) 

    • Security, Identity, and Compliance (IAM, Cognito, Inspector) 

    • Networking Services (VPC, Subnets, Route 53)

  • Application Migration
    Experience with migrating applications from on-premises to the cloud, including: 

    • Assessment and planning 

    • Application refactoring and re-architecture 

    • Data migration and integration 

    • Testing and validation 

  • Cloud-Native Technologies
    Understanding of cloud-native technologies, including:

    • Containerization (Docker, Kubernetes

    • Serverless computing (Lambda, API Gateway)

    • Microservices architecture

  •  On-Premises Technologies
    Knowledge of on-premises technologies, including:

    • Virtualization (VMware, Hyper-V)

    • Operating Systems (Windows, Linux)

    • Databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL)

    • Middleware (WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss)

  • Cloud Security
    Understanding of cloud security best practices and compliance frameworks, including:

    • AWS Well-Architected Framework 

    • NIST Cybersecurity Framework 

  • Networking and Connectivity
    Familiarity with networking and connectivity options, including:

    • AWS Direct Connect

    • AWS VPN

    • AWS Transit Gateway 

  • Monitoring and Logging
    Experience with monitoring and logging tools, including:

    • AWS CloudWatch

    • AWS CloudTrail

​Minimum Education Requirements:

  • MA/MS preferred

​Clearance Requirements:

  • TS/SCI

Here’s your chance to join a small but growing team of dedicated technical experts actively engaged in our nation’s security. Apply now by submitting your resume to We look forward to serving you.

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