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Raven. The raven is one of the world’s smartest birds, and its intelligence is often compared to that of dolphins and chimpanzees. In experiments, ravens have shown the ability to solve problems and plan for future events. They are fast, aggressive, highly aware, and fearless. Ravens now live mostly in wilder areas and are among the hardiest of birds. They are just as comfortable building a nest on a cliff as on the top of a large tree. They are able to operate alone or in small teams.
Ravens carry a complex symbolism in world lore and literature. Ravens have been seen as sources of insight, prophecy, and wisdom. They have been thought to have the ability to draw secrets from the shadows. To those facing fear, they grant courage and a change of outlook. They provide protection and victory. A raven can get into dark places where danger and tension lurk.

The raven embodies the type of support our customers require and deserve in support of their 24/7/365, no-fail missions and the type of trusted partner and provider we strive to be in their service.

Technologies. We leverage technology in support of U.S. national security missions. We strive to provide exceptional, responsive, and innovative technical services to help solve our customers' biggest operational challenges. We hire the best technical talent. We foster an environment of experimentation and speed. We are future-oriented, pursuing and embracing emerging technologies and technological disruption so our customers can remain one step ahead.

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