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We provide a range of specialized technical services in support of U.S. national security missions.


Raven supports our customers by protecting and defending the use of cyberspace from cyber attacks by providing defensive and offensive cyber operations. We specialize in security engineering, SOC, policy development, zero trust, cross domain solutions, A&A, penetration testing, threat hunting, electronic warfare, and training.

Cyber security and network protection with cybersecurity expert working on secure access i
High-Ranking Military Man holds a Briefing to a Team of Government Agents and Politicians,

Intelligence & Security

Raven provides intelligence analysis, ISR, and security services worldwide, to include austere and high threat locations, to protect our customers' information and assets. We specialize in OSINT, All-Source, GEOINT, CI/HUMINT, CT, language services, cultural analysis, logistics, and training.

Enterprise IT

Raven provides our customers with software engineering, Agile DevSecOps, network operations, SATCOM, digital transformation, IT service desk, systems administration, knowledge management, Microsoft 365, and Cloud services.

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Raven leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through advanced analytics, data science, operations research, and robotic process automation (RPA) to achieve efficiencies and greater insights for our customers.

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