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CS/C4 Analyst (Senior) (TS/SCI)
Charlottesville, VA (On-Site)


  • Minimum of two years’ experience conducting all-source S&T or GMI analysis related to the C4 weapons systems integration functional discipline, and/ or possess one year of CS related experience.

  • Minimum of one year experience gathering, analyzing, and displaying/representing data related to C3 process models or communications networking diagrams.

  • Minimum of one year experience or demonstrated comprehension of military OB principles, general CS doctrine and TTP.

  • Proficient in the use of C3Net, S2S, JACOB or their equivalent.

  • Proficient is described as having one year experience and the demonstrated ability to build a C4 Electronic OB (EOB) database or equivalent by converting analysis into database format, diagramming schema, identifying, expanding and documenting S2S/C2 processes to include; decision making, communication paths, communication methods, and automated troop control procedures. Expert-level experience is required.

  • Experience utilizing data display, and research and discovery tools such as MIDB/Cornerstone, Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming (EWIR)/Next Generation EWIR, Google Earth, TAC, Pathfinder/TRAX, WISE, and others.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills and the ability and willingness to collaborate as part of a government civilian, military, and contractor team.

  • Ability to clearly articulate conclusions and provide transparent documentation of evidence and logical argumentation in support of intelligence assessments.

  • Minimum 12 years of experience related to this position with at least a portion of the experience within the last 2 years.

Minimum Educational Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in an area related to this position; or Bachelor’s degree related to this position and an additional 5 years of related senior experience, for a total of 17 years, as a substitute to the Master’s degree. 

​Clearance Requirements:

  • TS/SCI

Here’s your chance to join a small but growing team of dedicated technical experts actively engaged in our nation’s security. Apply now by submitting your resume to We look forward to serving you.

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