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Customer Support Analyst (Senior) (TS/SCI)
Charlottesville, VA (On-Site)


  • Coordinate and assist NGIC ES, in the transfer of JCOFA databases from the JACOB database application on JWICS to the JACOB database application on SIPRNET.

  • Be responsible to ensure JWICS and SIPRNET databases are in concert.

  • Ensure the JWICS and SIPRNET JCOFA sites are in concert.

  • Provide JCOFA-related JACOB training for new users of this software, both Contractor and Government, using training facilities provided by NGIC or by the user’s agency, as appropriate.

  • Training materials designed by the contractor shall be submitted electronically and will be reproduced in hardcopy by NGIC’s print plant. Class size will be dictated by the size of the training facility. Classes will be limited to 2 classes per month.

  • Be responsible for posting documents provided by the Executive Agent and creating new country page views and document libraries.


  • Experience acting as first line “help desk” to resolve questions about the JACOB application, establishing new application user accounts, coordinating with NGIC Enterprise Systems personnel to resolve any network or IT equipment problems that might impact users’ access to the tools, and reporting bugs or unexpected application behavior to the software engineers.

  • Experience providing customized JACOB database application reports, via Excel spreadsheets and for conducting the required research to support release of the data by an appropriate Foreign Disclosure Officer (FDO).

  • Experience converting Government analysts’ assessments into graphical presentations such as templates, overlays, briefings, and reports using the JACOB Map, and Symbol Maker toolsets.

  • Experience creating new JACOB working copy databases and conducting the quality assurance checks required once the Government has determined a database is ready for release to the customer as outlined in the Quality Control Plan.

  • Experience maintaining JCOFA SharePoint sites on JWICS and SIPRNET. SharePoint training will be provided by the Government.

  • Be proficient (Proficient in the use of an OB database application is defined as having a minimum of two years’ experience using the application and the demonstrated ability to build a futures OB database in the OB application by creating units, and adding weapons systems, equipment and personnel to the unit) in the use of JACOB database.

  • Understand JCOFA and JACOB specific terminology, be able to build and produce JACOB database complex queries, pull reports for JCOFA, understand Intelligence Community rules and how they apply to JCOFA and JACOB, understand JCOFA and JACOB issues and how to troubleshoot daily issues within the program & database, and identify areas that are required for daily JCOFA & JACOB usage.

  • Minimum 12 years of related experience with at least a portion of the experience within the last 2 years.                        

Minimum Educational Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in an area related to this position; or Bachelor’s degree related to this position and an additional 5 years of related senior experience, for a total of 17 years, as a substitute to the Master’s degree. 

​Clearance Requirements:

  • TS/SCI

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