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OSINT Analyst (Senior) (TS/SCI)
Augusta, GA (On-Site)


  • Over 10 years of experience required performing the following activities:

  • Monitors open source social media and Publicly Available Information (PAI) in accordance with established monitoring priorities, performing cursory, initial triage of content to eliminate information that is from sources known to be provocative, parodic, or similar; maintaining an internal database of sites and users known to be valuable, reliable, unreliable, or parodic; and creating cursory, standardized reports to provide to analytical team for further analysis.

  • Ability to conduct independent analysis in support of mission requirements.

  • Understands and uses enhanced search procedures, and tools in support of exploiting Publicly Available Information (PAI).

  • Understands and can independently apply OSINT tactics, techniques and procedures to OSINT analysis and produce Open Source Intelligence Reports (OSIRs).

  • Assists Junior OSINT practitioners in the furtherance of initial analysis.

  • Provides feedback, and recommendations on tools used in conjunction with OSINT exploitation.

Minimum Educational Requirements:

  • MA/MS required.

  • Additional experience may be substituted in lieu of degree.

​Clearance Requirements:

  • TS/SCI

Here’s your chance to join a small but growing team of dedicated technical experts actively engaged in our nation’s security. Apply now by submitting your resume to We look forward to serving you.

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